General travel safety rules

Here are some crucial safety rules that might seem obvious but we tend to forget sometimes during travels:
1. Be aware of your surrounding. If you are too drunk, hungover, haven’t slept well, in a foul mood or very hungry/dehydrated you are likely to be less aware of your surroundings and thereby reducing your chances of having a fun and safe trip. (Being a frequent traveler often comes with a comfort zone which can make us less aware of strange things around) So if you are not feeling well, request your traveling partner to spot your valuables until you are back to being healthy. If you are traveling alone, get some rest, postpone your travels to recuperate.

2. Avoid speaking to strangers in public areas. This means, ignore those trying to offer you help or asking for your help at train/bus stations, public parks/roads. We love bonding with locals but avoid contact at touristy spots or public areas. (we have had an awful experience with this during a visit to Paris)

3. Follow the crowds and avoid dingy/shady lanes. If you are ever not sure where to go or how to exit from a place, always try to find a tourist info place or follow the crowd until you spot the next sign for directions. (In the event a tourist info place cannot be found, ask someone at a local shop or restaurant)

4. Be aware of your valuables. Keep your wallet and your phone in their regular places. Every so often tap to check they are still there when you are out in the public, however, don’t make it too obvious either. When we haven’t keep our valuables in their regular spots, we’ve panicked and unnecessarily got stressed out thinking they’re lost.

5. Carry your hotel info with you just in case you get lost in the city and need help to get back. This is especially important in countries like China where they don’t read/speak English as much. Do not carry the room card envelope which has your room # on it. In the event you do get mugged or pickpocketed, you don’t want to give your thief bonus points and let them steal your valuables in the hotel room too. I typically either leave behind or toss out the room keycard envelope which has my room number on it.

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