It’s something about traveling by trains that makes me feel like a kid before Christmas. Part of it is the nostalgia of having such beautiful memories traveling as a kid. As I grew up, I started noticing some inconveniences of trains in India as well. After traveling through Europe in the last few years by Rail Europe, my love for trains has only increased. This trip gave me an opportunity to compare two very different and at the same time vast rail systems.

While taking the train in India has it perks like actually hanging out with friends and family while playing board games or sipping on chai, it has some significant disadvantages as well. Depending on which destination you are going to, be prepared for major delays. My biggest challenge is using the bathroom. Imagine holding the bathroom door with your dear life while squatting for an Indian style toilet in a fast moving train! All that aside, I still prefer trains in India for the convenience of having your personal cabin for some sleep or just hearing vendors on the platform selling food and drinks at different stations!

Going further west, Rail Europe is not anything like the trains I’ve been used to in India. First of all booking tickets through their website is fast, easy and convenient. To add on to it, they have deals going from economy to first class or executive class depending on your budget. Every single experience of Sunny and mine has left nothing to complain about. If anything, I have always hoped for longer train time. We took Renfe for our trip from Seville to Madrid as well as Trenitalia from Rome to Napoli and back! Last year we took the train from Amsterdam to Paris. Every single time, we have had great customer service, a smooth and beautiful train ride with some delicious coffee and food. Great leg room to stretch while having WiFi access in some sections of trains is just a bonus! If you are planning a trip to Europe, a small scenic trip by Rail Europe is a must do.