A few people we met while flying to Boracay called it paradise and rightfully so! The water and beach reminded us quite a bit of Cancun except for cheaper. It is a pretty commercial island so if you’re looking for some quiet uninterrupted time, this might not be the place to be. Like any paradise, Boracay takes a while to get to. It only took us 2 flights, a 2-hour bus ride followed by a ferry ride and another shuttle to get to our hotel on Station 2 in Boracay!


  1. Fly into Kalibo airport: Read detailed review for which airport to pick
  2. South-west tours for transportation: As many blogs and reviews you read, getting in and out of Boracay is a complicated process. Read full review here.
  3. Swim or feel the water. The sand is soft, water is warm and clear and lastly it’s free of cost!!!  The most popular beach White Beach is about 7kms long.
  4. Get out of the beach area and walk around the city
  5. Go for a water sport. Anything from snorkeling, diving, sailing, banana boat! We went diving with New Wave Divers and would highly recommend them! New Wave Divers Review here. For any other activity, research on Tripadvisor you will find a good and safe company instead of random vendors on the beach!
  6. Walk from station 1 to station 3 along the beach
  7. Take the rickshaw once for the experience even if you don’t need to.
  8. Watch the gorgeous sunset


  1. Go to dinner at Smokes and Maya’s! Review for Maya’s
  2. Regardless of whether you’re visiting Manila or not have Halo-Halo!