Yogyakarta also known as Jogjakarta is a city and capital in Java, Indonesia. It is famous for its unbelievably beautiful temples, both being Unesco world heritage sites. Both temples have also been affected by the earthquake in 2006 with still ongoing restorations. We were in Yogyakarta for a day and stayed at Sheraton Yogyakarta which had really good customer service.

Absolute must do’s and TIPS:

1. Visit Borobudur at Sunrise during low season: Check out detailed Borobudur review

2. Visit Prambanan temple: Check out detailed review

3. Beware of flight delays: Yogyakarta has a very small and busy airport. Our flight was delayed by at least a couple hours both ways in and out of Yogyakarta. After looking into it and talking to people flying regularly we learned this was very normal. We had a bunch of upset people around us who had connecting flights from Jakarta or other destinations. If not taking a direct flight, give yourself at least a 3 hour layover for a connecting flight.