We went two different directions over the span of 4 days in 2019. One was going east Nice to Menton and the other going south Nice to Cannes towards St. Tropez. Besides Nice, Eze and Antibes were our favorite towns
1. Nice-We were originally planning on staying in Nice for 3 days but ended up skipping St. Tropez and stayed here for 5 days. Our Airbnb was ok but the location was amazing! We were centrally located and able to walk everywhere. It was comfortable for our child, Sunny and me. I cannot find the link to airbnb but have the address and name of the host.Address : 2 Passage Gioffredo, Nice 06000 hosted by Vanessa Bouldouyrehttps://www.airbnb.com/s/guidebooks?refinement_paths[]=/guidebooks/1315131(her recommended guide for Nice)

Restaurant:- La Cave du Fromager in Nice https://www.yelp.com/biz/la-cave-du-fromager-nice-4 (reservations highly recommended) We loved our experience here.
Food wise, trying their local delicacy Socca is a must (pizza like snack with chick pea flour). Nice has a lot of influence from Italy and great Italian food and gelato.

2. Eze-Absolutely recommend visiting and not to miss. Few mins from Nice, most people take a half a day trip here by taking a bus or train from Nice. The bus timings with a transfer were pretty challenging to navigate through with a toddler. Besides there was a steep hill involved in the event we got on the wrong bus or didn't transfer to the tram so we ended up renting a car and driving which was the best decision!


Restaurant- La Chevre d'Or (Chateau de la Chevre'Or)This is (or was) an expensive michelin restaurant and the only one in the chateau. We did not eat here but our daughter made a visit to their bathroom.

Drinks at the restaurant and bar at Chateau Eza. We definitely got a drink here which was worth it. The view is gorgeous and the drinks even though a bit overpriced were good as well.

3. Monte Carlo-About 15-20 mins drive from Eze. Driving by Monte Carlo was enough for us, it's surrounded by casinos,cars and luxury shops. We did not want to park or shop and ended up getting a good feel for it.

4. Villefranche-Sur-Mer Beautiful town, another 20 mins from Nice. Easily doable with a bus. We had lunch here which was good but nothing too memorable and went to one of their beaches, Plage des Marinieres. The water was warm and our daughter had a blast at the beach, the sand is coarse and almost pebbly though.

5. Menton-One of the last towns in South France before entering Italy. The whole drive from the coast from Nice to Menton is pretty. You could make it to Ventimiglia in Italy in about 20-30 mins from here. Nothing too memorable here except the drive up to and crossing into Italy.

1. Antibes- We had delicious lunch here at a small local cafe. The best beach we went to in south france was also in Antibes. Their beaches are beautiful with soft sand.We went to Plage De La Salis beach which was not crowded and incredible. We are not sure if it was adults only since we were 1 out of the 2 couples with a child on the beach. We were planning on going to Plage du ponteil which had similar reviews but didn't make it due to being short on time.

2. Cannes-Worth going to at least once for the experience, shopping, luxury and some food. They also have some good beaches but we didn't make it to the beach. I've found Cannes to be disappointing both times and feel like unless you're there with a group to party or go out on a yacht, it doesn't have much going for it unlike Nice.

3. Toulon-It has a good feel for an urban city especially if you're planning on visiting wine country close by. Provence is not too far off and half a day trip, visiting their small wineries and town was my favorite memory from that trip.It is very picturesque.

4. Saint-Tropez- We cancelled this part of the trip and decided to relax in Nice. We figured we would save the trip for another time with Marseilles. Sharing our hotel we had booked along with beach (clubs) we considered reserving in advance (highly recommended during summer peak season!). We went with both kid friendly options, there are quite a few adults only beaches.
Hotel:- https://www.booking.com/hotel/fr/playa.html?dksc=2&aid=304142&label=postbooking_confemail;pbsource=conf_email_hotel_name
Beach clubs:

  1. https://www.plagedesjumeaux.com/fr/index.php#1
  2. https://www.club55.fr/en/