Santa Cruz is the most densely populated island of Galapagos. They have a pretty little town with the Pelican Pier as well as better food than Isabella or San Cristobal. If you are looking into buying souvenirs, this would be the island to do it. Sunny and I waited until we got to San Cristobal which did not have as many options. People in general are very friendly. Knowing Spanish is always a bonus, especially if you’re traveling by yourself. The town is filled with tourists so locals will know you are a tourist even when you’re trying not to be one!

We spent the night at Hotel Mainao: Close to main town, detailed review here

Some things to not miss that we enjoyed:

1. Absolutely go to Reserva El Chato: Perfect place to see giant tortoise in the wild. Check out detailed review here

2. Visit Tortuga Bay: Some fun in the sand and water filled with surprises! Detailed review here

3. Visit Charles Darwin Research Center (CDRS): The man that made Galapagos islands popular. Detailed review here

Must eats:

Langoustines: We fell in love with this dish, the restaurant we were looking for was closed. Detailed review here

Galapagos Deli: Rear exceptions for non Ecuadorian food. Detailed review here