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Palawan is very well known among tourists for having the underground river which is one of the 7 wonders of nature. We flew into Puerto Princesca from Boracay (this was also a full day journey with connecting flight from Manila). Puerto Princesca is the Capital as well as the biggest city of Palawan. Typically people spend a couple days here as a transition point to go to either El Nido or Coron. With our moving and traveling every 3rd-day itinerary, we took a break and skipped El Nido and Coron! We spent 5 days in Puerto Princesca which was the perfect amount of time to relax as well as see everything we wanted to.

Our only complain with the city was food! Boracay and Manila had way better Filipino  food as opposed to here. It’s very rare that Sunny and I go seeking something different than local food but we had gotten tired of having rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!

We stayed at Microtel Inn and Suites which was a comfortable stay: Detailed review here


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  1. Kinabuch Bar and Grill: Food is alright just as mentioned up top. Its easy to spot the restaurant in downtown as you will see people waiting outside during dinner time. The restaurant is huge so we didn’t have any wait time Most people come here to try two things Crocodile Sisig and Tamilok (woodworm). Almost considered a delicacy in Palawan, crocodile is served legally here unlike other parts of Philippines. Is it worth a try? Maybe. Would I order it again? No. Crocodile sisig is not as chewy as I thought but not exactly delicious either. I had a texture problem with fried Tamilok but it could be because I was thinking too much. If all else fails, order the garlic rice which is always good. Also since the restaurant is so busy you have to try hard to get the attention of servers.