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  1. Star Ferry
  2. Peak Tram
  3. Stanley Market
  4. Temple Street around 10PM IView from Felix
  5. Robins nest at Sheung Shui – right on the border overlooking Shenzhen, can only get there by car and even then you won’t know where to go without knowing where to go.
  6. Another one is Fei Ngo Shan up behind Choi Hung – again easier by car but it can be walked and on a clear day – better than any view from the peak.
  7. Brides Pool out past Tai Po on a hot day
  8. Millionaires Beach on the Jaspa’s junk 
  9. “blue house” on stone nullah’s lane. This is an old chinese building built in the 1920’s…the gov. is planning to preserve the area and make it a theme destination
  10. Painted wall inside shangri la Admiralty from 39 to 51 floor (inside elevator)
  11. View from central plaza middle range floor
  12. Horse race


  1. Dudells – Amazing dumplings and inexpensive for a Michelin Star restaurant
  2. NH360
  3. Drinks on the Sevva terrace (top of Prince’s Building) in the evening. Great views
  4. Evening drinks at one of the bars on IFC terrace level

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