My love for Indian food should probably come as no surprise to those who know I grew up in India but I have always prided myself for being able to enjoy any cuisine in any country. When people have asked what type of food I’m partial to, I’ve typically responded with “it doesn’t matter, I love all cuisines and have favorites in each of them”. However, this trip has proved me wrong!

I found myself dreaming and salivating at the thought of Indian food by day 29 of our Asia leg of traveling (yes I kept a count, don’t judge!) Singapore is known to have some delicious Indian food but having just started our adventure from India we decided to stay away from it. We did make an exception with some delicious well-known fish head curry, a meal I’d remember for a number of reasons for a long time. I started craving Indian food in Philippines. My first thought was it was mainly due to not enjoying Filipino food enough to have it for two weeks. Also, I don’t particularly have an affinity to rice which I was having for breakfast, lunch and dinner on the islands in Philippines. This did not seem to be that big of a problem for Sunny (another surprise!)  leaving me alone in my misery.

By the time we were in China, we were having some incredible Chinese food but I still couldn’t stop thinking of Indian food. I finally gave up reasoning and conceded to the notion that if there is one type of food I cannot do without, it is good old desi (Indian) food! I almost feel betrayed by my palate and wonder if fellow foodies feel the same way with their favorite cuisines.

P.S. Since we are on our 4 month extended travel, currently I am 40 days strong with no daal, butter chicken, bhindi or dosas to keep me company!!