Please note: This post might not pertain to private jet owners, platinum/diamond miles holders, business/first class travelers!!!

Flying any airline these days is filled with stress mainly due to long lines, delays, hidden fees and anxiety. Of course the number of unfortunate crashes/accidents in the last year has only increased anxiety among travelers. Add onto it a budget carrier and the experience just becomes more frustrating! We have had our share of frustrations with a couple budget airlines even after doing thorough research on customer service, operation and safety profile. In the end there are mainly three factors that make flying less stressful! (We have a post with a list of our favorite budget airlines coming soon …)

1. Be on time:

Simple rule in the book! However, most of us don’t like the idea of spending much time at the airport pushing our limits. Most budget airlines seem to have very long lines at the check-in, baggage drop off counter. Keep in mind the commute to the airport can be filled with unexpected delays like traffic as well! Better be early to prepare for unexpected than late!

2. Travel light:

Sunny and I are guilty of this one!  I like to believe we’re doing a lot better than when we started our journey but still wish we could just travel with a light day pack. Traveling light would mean not to worry about bag weights or priority boarding with luggage or which seats we end up getting. Also no checked in bags means not having to worry about lost baggage!!

3. Eat and carry a bottle of water:

Hunger makes everyone cranky! Forget biscuits, you don’t even get a glass of water on airplanes these days. The last thing you want is be sitting in the aircraft for an additional 2 hours due to runway traffic with no food or water! Trust me this has happened to us for a 45 min flight!