Most of our time in Indonesia was spent in Bali. Bali was everything we imagined to be except for the beaches. Having been to beaches in the Carribean, Thailand and now Philippines, we thought the beaches were ok. Again we did not have a chance to visit all the beaches and islands, hence the disappointment. Sunny surprised me with reservations at an awesome resort for our stay (not in our travel budget) for my 30th birthday. We stayed at St. Regis in Nusa Dua, we’d recommend the resort to anyone in a heartbeat.


  1. Green Bike Tour: Bike your way through the green villages…Read Green Bike tour review
  2. Have at least one meal/coffee in Ubud surrounding the rice fields. Check out the useful resources section below for recommendations.
  3. Try Luwak coffee or poop coffee (not kidding!) and see how the coffee is roasted at a plantation. We had a chance to see it during our Bike tour. Check out our blog post here.
  4. Visit Tanah Lot Temple: Read Tanah Lot temple review
  5. Rock Bar: Gorgeous sunset not to be missed. Read Rock bar review
  6. Hire a driver for the day for touring, its much cheaper than having to haul a cab from every single destination and then bargaining on a price.
  7. GET A METERED TAXI: We cannot stress this enough. Read our metered taxi story….
  8. Visit Bali during low season: Even with budget options, being a tourist destination Bali can be pretty expensive. Going during low season not only gives you space to enjoy tourist attractions but also cuts down the cost significantly.
  9. Respect the culture and people’s beliefs: Bali is fascinating and impressive for having retained their culture and beliefs for generations. The traditions as shown during the village tour are different and passed through generations. If you can’t identify with it then respect it, don’t mock it!!


  1. Otak Otak: Fish wrapped in banana leaves, check with the restaurant if not on menu
Otak Otak
Otak Otak








2. Nasi goreng fish: There are different versions of it, with the grilled fish with rice wrapped in an egg being our favorite.

3. Teh Botol: Cross over drink between coke and green tea. Any grocery store or pharmacy would have it.








4. Pisang Cocklet (friend banana with chocolate and cheese), easily available at the mall.

Pisang Cocklet







5. Bintang beer

6. Dinner at Metis: If you are in a mood to splurge…Read Metis restaurant review

7.Tapas at Baley resort in Nusa Dua: Read Tapas review

8. Coconut restaurant: Very good Indonesian food, check out their special catch of the day,, also in Nusa Dua

9. Potato head: Read Potato Head review

10. Breakfast at St. Regis: If you happen to stay at St. Regis, do not miss breakfast. Excellent variety and quality of food. Their butler and concierge service is top notch.

MISSED but on the list for next trip:

  1. Kekak dance and Uluwatu temple sunset tour
  2. Beaches: Tanjong Benoa
  3. Eats: Menega Café, Naughty Nuri’s Warung

Useful Resources: